Sh!t kids say…


Part of my parent table setup

What started as a fun summer job for 19-year-old me turned into a passion. I love teaching children. Each day, there’s a smile, hug, high five, compliment, and laugh.

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I showed up at a group interview for a summer camp counselor position with the YMCA. I knew I had to lead a group of adults in a game designed for children, and that was terrifying. But I did it, and I got the job. And after that job, I started working as an activity leader for Before and After School programs. Before I knew it, I was a site director, creating weekly lesson plans and going to Burkhart Elementary every morning and evening.

I graduated college and left that job for a career — something that could give me health insurance, a salary and a 401k. But not a day goes by that I don’t miss it. I love being a writer, don’t get me wrong. But I definitely see myself going back to school and becoming an educator one day.

That being said, I collected some of the funniest things the kids in my program ever said. Here you go!

  • My heart is beeping so fast.
  • My favorite kind of flower is the kind that eats butterflies.
  • I play the autistic guitar.
  • Meatloaf is the best food ever. It’s like a loaf of bread…but it’s meat.
  • One day when my mom dies, will you be my new mom?
  • Miss Stephanie! You probably don’t know what a urinal is, but when I was in the bathroom, I almost fell in it.
  • I learned how to do the Dougie.

I’ll have to save some more for another day. My own series à la Kids Say the Darndest Things.


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