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After a whirlwind day of family stuff and more family stuff, I told James I was famished and couldn’t possibly wait another moment to eat, so we went to Moe’s. The restaurant wasn’t very busy, but there was a clown watching the Colts game and making balloon animals. I’m not sure why he decided to create balloon animals for all the restaurant patrons, but it¬†absolutely brightened my day!

balloonanimalClowns give so many people the heebie-jeebies, but I love them. They dress up like goobers just to make people smile. I even got to interview clowns for a story I wrote at work. Repeat: I talked to clowns for work. What a blast! If you’re interested in learning more about the impending clown shortage, read my story here.

Oh, and that burrito I couldn’t wait to eat. I only had a few bites. I don’t think the restaurant was at its best today. I’ve also eaten so much junk food this morning and been so off schedule that my stomach is confused and doesn’t know when I’m hungry. Not uncommon this time of year. But it’s okay. The clown and my awesome pink balloon animal bear made the trip worth it!


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